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Creating a DIY Vanity Mirror With Lights For Your Makeup Station

Every young girl’s shopping list will surely have a DIY vanity mirror with lights for makeup station on it. This style is typically seen on various TV programs wherein an artist is being seated and a make-up artist does his or her job.

DIY vanity mirrors comes in different styles: square, round, and some comes with irregular shapes. It can also be small, big, and with frames or frameless. The materials can also differ in colors, materials and styles.

If you are going to make a vanity mirror with lights for your dream makeup station, here are some things you need to remember first.Vanity Makeup Mirror

What are the things you need to consider when putting up a makeup station?

First thing, determine where you intend to set up your makeup station. Make sure you have enough space to put your vanity mirror with lights.

The space needs to have an electrical outlet. Your vanity mirror with lights needs to have the power to light the bulbs. Make sure your outlet is near the makeup station, unless you want to see your electrical cords dangling. This might be dangerous as you might trip and cause damage not only to your vanity mirror but also with yourself and others.

Gather the supplies that you need to make your very own vanity mirror with lights. Have everything in place and obviously, you need to follow the assembly instructions that come with it.

Budget. Stick to your budget. Yes, you need to have a very glamorous vanity mirror, the one that looks exactly what you see on those Hollywood movies. But those may cost you an arm and leg. If you are in a tight situation, consider buying what you only need. You may upgrade your vanity mirror eventually when you have some extra cash.

How do you make your own lighted vanity mirror for your makeup station?

Here are some of the basic steps in making your own makeup station.

Buy a good mirror. Measure the size of your area first especially the space where you want to place your makeup mirror. Then, get the exact measurement of the mirror. Measure its width, length and height. This would allow you to know if the mirror will fit the dimension of your station.

Get a border that can support your mirror and wide enough to have the lights attached. You can get these at various improvement home outlets, thrift shops and DIY shops. Otherwise, you need to make use of discarded woods which can be great, as you also help the environment. Form a frame, drill holes for your light sockets and set aside.

Purchase your lights, light bars and cords or electrical wires. But if you have these things already at your home, then by all means reuse them. However, if you prefer newer lights or do not have any of these materials, head out to your nearest hardware or lighting store. Get the light bulbs that would fit your needs. Check the size and voltage needs. Screw your light sockets tightly onto the frame and connect the electrical wirings as recommended by the package. Remember to securely and safely attach the wires. No wires should be exposed as this might cause short circuits or can electrocute you. Cover all open cooper wirings with electrical tapes. Connect the wiring to the switch. Then securely fasten the switch to a firm and safe location. This prevents it from getting wet.

Screw all the light bulbs and test if all lights are working. If some bulbs do not light, check the light bulb, it may be damaged. If it works in other sockets, then check the wirings and the socket that connects it.

Hang the mirror and screw it tightly onto the frame. Make sure to check if there are parts of the mirror that needs sanding. This might cut you if you accidentally scratch its sides. Attach the wooden frame to the table. This would also act as your makeup drawer. Move it near the wall for added protection. If you are hanging the mirror to a wall, make sure your wall can support it.

Test again. See if all bulbs are working, your mirror does not appear distorted and your drawer is perfectly near your mirror.

Final Thoughts:

There are lots of ways in making your own DIY vanity mirror with lights. Most DIY stores have all the materials that you will need. But for those people who love recycling and reusing materials, making a vanity mirror from scratch could be your first project. If you do not know how to wire all connections on your light bulbs, ask for help. DO NOT connect the wirings if you do not have the knowledge how it works, you will only damage your project.

If you need to paint your frame, do it at the start of the project. Sand the wood first then apply the paint that you want and put some finishing touches to it to make it even more glamorous.

Bonus tip:

If you want your lighted vanity mirror to compliment your bedroom, check the color of your room first. Use colors for your frame that will match the color of your room. The lights should also be warm and bright but not too overwhelming as this might be too bright for you. Remember your lighted DIY vanity mirror should provide adequate lighting for you when you apply your makeup. If it does not serve its purpose then there must be something wrong with the materials.

Before I forget, your makeup station should have an equally elegant looking chair to match your vanity mirror. The chair should be comfortable and must be the right height for you. Too high and it may cause you some back/neck pains as you need to bow your head a bit when you put on some makeup, too low and you need to look up most of the time. The chair should allow you to look at the mirror straight.

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