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Be On The Go With The Best Hairdryer

The hair is one of the most important part of every woman’s body. A lot of women invest in whatever therapy and treatment that will make their hair gloriously beautiful. It is not just for vanity reason, it is because anyone who looks good and feels good with themselves will feel confident to show themselves to the world. So, do not question a woman if they want to invest in a hair dryer if it will help them boost up their hair dryer

Investing in a best hair dryer particularly the ones for travel is quite a good investment especially if you are always on the go. Having the right hair dryer will decrease your chance of getting unhealthy, fried and brittle hair. You need to know your hair type so you know the kind of hair dryer that you are going to invest. Knowing the correct one for your hair will significantly improve the health of your hair.

Guidelines In Choosing The Hairdryer That Will Fit Your Travel Needs

1. Kind of Hairdryer

Your type of hair will determine the kind of hairdryer that you need. For frizzy and thick hair, you can search for a tourmaline or ionic hair dryer since these kind of hair dryers will give off negative ions. The negative ions will help in making your hair dry faster by breaking up the water droplets. Therefore, making your hair less frizzy after drying it.

For dry and fine hair, consider investing in ceramic or porcelain kind of hair dryers. These kind of hair dryers will give off heat that is more consistent and less harsh, so these are good for fine hair that will easily dehydrates.

Titanium blow dryer gives off an even temperature and steady heat so it is very good for very thick hair or hair that has lots of volume and can help you decrease the time for drying.

2. Correct Range of Wattage

The wattage in each blow dryer measures how fast and hard it functions. The higher it is, the faster it can dry your hair. Hair dryers with low wattage are less pricey but you have to change them more often making it impractical. Invest directly in high wattage so you can save more and you can dry your hair faster.

3. Weight of the Hair Dryers

By simply reading in this page to get the truly reviews before making a decision about the travel hair dryer. It might seem like a not so important detail but this one matters a lot especially when you are travelling that they need to weigh your luggage. Get a lightweight model that is not heavy in your luggage and comfortable when you are holding and drying your hair, making blowing your hair easy.

For your light drying experience and hassle free packing, search for a blow dryer that is roughly around 454 grams in weight or 1 pound.

4. Price

Checking out the prices for hair dryers is also one of the things you need to consider. If you think you will need it for quite a long time, then invest in something that is price worthy. Otherwise, you can just buy a hair dryer that is not that expensive for shorter use.

Things To Consider When Packing Up Your Hair Dryer

Dual Voltage

Bringing a hair dryer in your travel is already an extra in your luggage, how much more bringing another thing which is its converter. If you can find a hair dryer that is dual voltage, bring this one so you need not to bring a converter. However, for countries with different electrical set-up, a converter is a necessity.

Accommodation Type

Some of the hotels will already provide you or have pre-installed hair dryers in the rooms for their guests to use. If your hair does not have much that preference as to which hair dryers to use, then it is not necessary for you to bring your own hair dryer.

However, small hotels still do not give this kind of luxury and you will not be sure if there is someone there who can let you borrow, that is the time you are going to bring your own.

Weather of Your Destinations

If you are going to places with hot climates, then it is not necessary for you to bring a hair dryer as your hair will just get easily dry on those areas.

However, if you are going to areas which are very cold or in winter time, drying it naturally will be impossible. If your hair needs to be dried, then it is a must that you will bring with you a hair dryer.


Let us face it, we want to use something we are familiar of or are used to in manipulating. We have our own set of choices and we tend to kind of look at that in our hairdryers.

Benefits Of Bringing Hair Dryer When You Travel


Health Reasons

A lot of people cannot tolerate a lot of cold let alone maintaining the hair wet just because it cannot dry up in cold weather places. Some people will get sick if their hair will be wet for a long period of time. So, if you are one of those people who will right away get sick if got prolonged exposure in the cold weather then bringing a hair dryer will be very beneficial for you if you travel in these places to avoid getting sick.


Electrical incompatibility

As I have previously said, different countries got different electrical set-ups. If the hair dryer that you brought is not compatible to the electrical set-up to the country where you are going, the chances of blowing up or get electrocuted will most likely be high.


Investing in a correct hair dryer that is compatible with your hair type will do a lot of thing for the health of your hair especially when you are travelling. Get a hair dryer that is worthy of the price and that is more practical but of very good quality.

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