Hairstyles to Come Up with Using Hot Rollers

5 Fabulous Hairstyles to Come Up with Using Hot Rollers

You can never go wrong with hot rollers. These devices are pretty much the ones that create beautiful waves and curls when you need to doll up for the night. Not only do they make you feel proud of your curls but you also get to explore different hairstyles. With hot rollers, the possibilities are endless. Below are different hairstyles that you can try while you’re using your hot rollers:Hairstyles to Come Up with Using Hot Rollers

1. Bouncy waves

If you want to sport big, bouncy waves, then hot hollers can make it happen. This kind of hairstyle is all about getting your locks appear in a bombshell fashion. To achieve this look, you need to lift the roots, volumes at both sides, and the soft swing. Start applying a styling cream to your damp strands and then dry your hair using a blower. Wrap 2-inch chunks around your hot roller and eventually add more styling cream along the way. Tuck rollers at different angles and wait for about minutes before you take them off. For a wonderful finish, rub in a drop of shine serum.

2. Big updo

This kind of hairstyle is glowing and youthful. The flattering waves that you can create have a lot of promises and you can achieve this kind of hairstyle by paying attention to the texture of your hair and of course, making use of your hot rollers. Hot rollers create soft, wavy curls because of the heat that they offer so this is absolutely a great idea. How to do this? Use a hairspray and section your dry hair with volumizer. Take note that you should use the appropriate sized rollers to achieve the volume that you want. Wrap your hair from tips to roots in a horizontal manner, particularly starting your way at the crown and later on to the sections of your hair. When the rollers cool down, remove them and start teasing the roots using your fingers or a finetooth comb. Next, gather your hair and place it at a center of your head. Then, twist your hair up and attach bobby pins to hold it firmly. And then make use of your ribbon or a ponytail accessory from the nape of your hair to the crown.

3. Sleek waves

If you want to look stunning and sophisticated all at the same time, sleek waves are the best hairstyles to opt. You can also achieve this hairstyle by using your hot rollers because this kind of hairstyling device has the ability to create smooth and refined curls. How to do this hairstyle? First, you need to wrap at least three inch sections of your hair, particularly starting from tips to midshaft. Use large hot rollers when doing this. When the hot rollers finally cool down, remove them and then start brushing your hair from the front to side using a finetooth brush. You can also add a touchup of hairspray in order for your curls to last longer. Then, brush your hair and loosen the curls.

All these hairstyles can be achieved using your hot rollers. Follow them and prepare to wow the crowd.

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