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The Best Foot Moisturizer to Treat Your Dry, Achy Feet

Dry cracked and rough foot is a common condition in all seasons. In the winter, foot skin naturally dries in cold temperatures. Summertime brings sandals, which allows the dirt and dust to make our feet dry.

Most people will rush to use creams and lotions to moisturize the foot only when there is discomfort and cracking from the feet skin. Other users buy the most selling foot moisturizer on the market to find the right solution for them.

As a foot doctor, I am exposed to many different creams and lotions. The following are my recommendation for over the counter creams and foot moisturizer

Best foot moisturizer for Dry Feet

A lotion is an excellent selection for mild dryness on the top of the foot, around the ankles and on the legs. It is not appropriate for the thicker skin on the bottom of the foot and the in particular heels. Lotions are a thinner vehicle for moisture and do not penetrate the skin as deeply. Using a moisturizer does certainly have an appropriate place in foot health. While there are many lotions available in the grocery stores and drug stores, the only moisturizer we recommend is Amerigel Care Lotion. It is available online and in many pharmacies, as well as some doctors’ offices, this lotion has properties that no others have. Amerigel contains Oakin, a natural ingredient that exfoliates dry skin, fights bacterial and fungal infection, and reduces skin inflammation. It is one of the few lotions that can eliminate the discoloration that many find on their legs.

For foot maintenance with the issue of dryness and the skin of the feet is healthy, both Eucerin creme and Cetaphil creme are excellent results.

Best foot moisturizer for Cracked Heels

For cracked heels and the common solution doesn’t work well enough. The first line of defense is a stronger moisturizing cream. Foot Miracle, by Straight Arrow, is the cream that absorbs well into the skin to treat dry and rough areas of the skin. Using it twice a day will treat the skin and keep it from becoming dry and cracked.

When the foot condition worsens find top level moisturizing they may help. For those, we recommend Gold Bond, by Gold Labs. Gold Bond contains 20% Urea, which adds elasticity to the skin to make it supple by drawing upon the body’s moisture.

It works to prevent and treat painful cracking and splitting feet skin.

When an old moisturizer won’t do as required. Review your skin condition with the help of an expert identifies your skin condition, what you expect from the creme, and which is the best one is for your particular use.

Best Foot moisturizer and cream for Pain

Are you suffering from sore feet? You need foot moisturizer to make the feel better as well as keeping them soft and supple. For the best foot moisturizers go for Miracle foot repair cream for an overall moisturizing experience. The cream eases pain leaving your feet to look great, feeling better and smells good.

Best foot moisturizer for Diabetics

Diabetic is a huge cause of foot problems such as loss of circulation and impairment of nerve ending. Managing diabetic also includes taking good care of your feet by wearing shoes or socks and getting a professional pedicure. Check your feet each day for any worrisome signs and apply foot moisturizer as part of the overall foot care. Foot Moisturizer helps with cracked, dry foot one of the exacerbated by your diabetic condition.

A Richly Creamy Moisturizer and Socks

A week after a pedicure the feet start to feel parched again. Although most people hydrate their feet with Josie Maran: Whipped Argan oil ultra-hydrating foot butter to most people it never works. There are all kinds of specialty foot creams and moisturizer in the market as seen above, but most people end up trying all in vain. For other users, plain old’ trial and error works a miracle in finding the best foot moisturizerThe Best Foot Moisturizer to Treat Your Dry, Achy Feet for their feet. Talk to the expert and they will quickly help to find a soft and super hydrating foot moisturizer.

Before using any foot cream or moisturizer, always wash your feet with warm water and a hydrating soap such as Raw Shea butter body wash. Dry the feet and massage about a dime size dollop of moisturizer into the foot and later encase feet with a pair of soft socks. The socks keep the moisturizer on the feet and encourage hydration. Gym socks are highly recommended with moisturizer treatment. Moisturize your feet regularly sometime each day for excellent results.

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