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Steps on How to Use Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are hot these days. With all the women riding in the trend of big, bouncy hair, these devices are the ones that truly help. Hot rollers are one of the most opted devices if we talk about hair curling and styling. They do not limit hair styling possibilities.

Now how to use hot rollers?

Below are the steps on how to operate them. They are actually easy to rollers

  1. Ready your hot rollers. Plug them and let them heat up for about ten minutes before you put them on your hair. If it is your first time to use rollers, check the manufacturer’s instructions so as to make sure that you are doing the right way.
  2. While waiting for the rollers to heat up, put a spray on your hair with gentle hold hairspray. It is ideal to start doing this while your hair is dry. When spraying, do it all over in order to emphasize the beauty of your curls later.
  3. Now that you are ready to attach your rollers, roll the middle section of your hair. Start from the front and then take a section of your hair and wrap it around the hot roller. Using a roller pin, hold the hot roller tighter. This is to prevent it from getting detached from your hair. Continue doing this to other sections of your hair until everything is completely done. You can roll your hair in different directions to create a unique, non-uniform curls. You can also roll some sections of your hair forward and also backward in order to create a natural look.
  4. If you have short-length hair, opt for hot rollers that are smaller in sizes.
  5. Now roll the side sections of your hair. Begin at the top portion of your head then wrap a portion of your hair around a hot roller. Make sure that it is rolled tightly toward your hair so it will rest horizontally above your forehead. Continue doing this to other sections of your hair until everything is rolled.
  6. Put a firm-hold spray on your hair. Make sure that your entire head is well-sprayed so as you can cover the rollers. Doing this will assure that rollers hold on tightly in its place. Keep them in place and wait for them to cool down for about 20 minutes.
  7. After the rollers are cooled down, remove them. Also take off the pins and let down your now curled hair. You can separate them using your fingers.

To some people, hot rollers do not work out efficiently and it has something to do with the way they use it. It is best to make sure that the placement of your rollers are correct in order to maximize your hair’s potential and to have a pleasant and satisfying result. Also make sure that the rollers have the sufficient amount of heat in order to curl your hair nicely and real quick, although you also must also make sure that the heat is not too much. Too much heat damages hair.

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