Slick Back Thick Hair

Simple Steps on How to Slick Back Thick Hair

In styling your hair, the type of hair you have plays an essential role. To achieve the result that you want, the hair requires a certain product, set of skills and technique.

For those with thick or wavy hair, it is a challenge to achieve the style that you want. However, don’t let this be a hindrance on getting the style that you want, because there is something that can help you like using pomade and other hair products. This how to slick back thick hair guide, will help men who are having a hard time getting the slick look they want. Slick Back Thick Hair

This type of hair has been in the fashion industry for over one hundred years and it remains to be as popular as before. This hair style emphasizes the hair’s volume and rich color, producing an eye-catching look that is best for everything from casual weekend events to business meetings. You can choose from classic slicked hair and modern slicked hair.

If your hair is in an awkward position right now, and you need to do some styling or you wanted to have an Al Pacino look, this slick-back hair look is what you need. Not all texture and cut of hair can pull it off – those with fine to medium hair and an undercut or a high fade can achieve this style. Below are steps and tips on how to achieve the slick back hairstyle that will make you a head turner.

Types of Slick Back Hair

The classic slicked back hair style was one of the favorite of males belonging to the upper class in Europe and in the US from the 1920s until 1950s.  The traditional side swept was also considered as the all-time favorite.

The modern slick back hair has more volume as compared to the classic slick hair. With this type of slick you are allowed to shape the slick back as you wish. You can add more slick using your comb or your fingers. The more you use your fingers, the more volume of hair you can create. In modern slick, it is best to use a hair dryer. This will help you achieve the volume that you need and enhance the form of your slick back. Position the hair dryer to where you run your fingers through. It is important that you use quality hair dryer.

Steps on How to Slick Back Thick Hair

The good thing about slick-back hair style is that it does not require any special tools or products that you would not need for other hair styles. You will only need a fine-toothed barber comb, strong hold pomade and a hair dryer but this one is optional. You can also use hair gel as an alternative for pomade. However, it will provide a dryer and harder look which does not look good as compared to the one if you use pomade.

The first step in slicking your hair is to shampoo your hair. The slicked-back look is best done with damp hair to make it stay in place better.  Your hair will complete its drying process in a slicked position. This will keep the hair stay in place all day long. Apply a good quantity of strong-hold pomade to your hair with your fingers, focus on the sides and top.

The secret of pulling off this style of hair lies on the quality of pomade you will use. Strong-hold pomade is vital in keeping your slick-back hair in position until you wash it out. Pomade was usually oil-based. This kind of pomade produces the classic sheen and holds the hair that made this style of hair popular. However, the oil is hard to wash out, as an alternative you can look for strong-hold pomade with less oil. You can also use gel if your hair is not that thick. Gel produces a dryer hold and it may produce a crunchy texture. You can use gel for lighter and finer hair type, since it is strong enough to keep heavier hair in place.

Run a fine-toothed barber comb from your forehead to your crown and then slick your hair back from your forehead to your head crown. If you prefer a classic slick you don’t have to part your hair, so simply run the comb straight back. Repeat this three or four times so that your hair remains flat in straight form from front to back. At your right temple position the comb and run it at the back of your head. On the left side of your head repeat the same step. The side hair should flow in a slicked shape from front to back.

To produce the form that you want continue back-combing your hair. It is best to slick or comb-through six or seven times. This should be enough to produce this quick style. You may style your hair in several slicks as possible to distribute the pomade evenly in your hair. Your hair may start to look messy if you handle it too much.

Some popular celebrities are sporting this kind of hairstyle. Jude Law is sporting a casual-slick look, providing his locks enough freedom on the scalp. Andy Garcia has been wearing this hairstyle in most of his movies looking like a boss. Other celebrities like Al Pacino, Michael Douglas and David Beckham also sport the classic slick hairstyle. You can achieve the slicked back hairstyle that you want if you follow the steps in this how to slick back thick hair guide.

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